Frequently Asked Questions

Do we do site inspections?

Yes. As soon as you have decided on a plan, we will arrange a time to meet you on site.

Building time ?

6-8 weeks. Depending on site conditions and material availability.

Payment process ?

Deposit required upon signing of contract, plus site plan drawing fees.

Can we build on a slab?

Yes, a concrete slab would be subject to the slope of your block plus a soil and engineers report.

Where do you build?

Sunshine Coast.

Can I build on my property?

To get the latest up to date advice, we suggest you call your local council, or alternatively consult a private cerifier. It you block is 600sqmts or above, chances are you can build a second dwelling.

What is the wind rating of the Granny Flat/Studio?

The granny flat is built to the N3 wind catergory, and complies with the building codes for South East Queensland.